Defective Product Complaint Letter

Mike Carg
346, Street Road

Steve SNS
Branch Manager
Crag Stores
Downtown Street

Dear Mr. Steve SNS,

On, 27 may, I purchased a wash machine(Smsong) from your street part store for $150. In that day evening it reach to us, and it was in working condition.

After next week, when I started and put all the cloth in the washing machine. And started. But drum is not turning during the wash cycle and spinning wheels is also not rotating.

So, I called your customer support, he send a technician. He check and fix the problem but again the same problem occurs after 2 month. Now i don’t want to repair. Simple want to replace my product and since it’s on warranty period also. I request you to kindly replace the product.

I am enclosing a copy of the purchase receipt.

Thanking You

Mike Carg

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