Interjections: Meaning and Examples

An Interjection is a word which is used to express a sudden feeling of joy or sorrow. It is not a Part of Speech because it does not enter into the structure of a sentence. It stands independently.

An Interjection may express:

Joy  : Hurrah! We have won the match.
Ha! What a beautiful sight!
Sorrow : Alas! I have lost my purse!
Surprise   : Oh!  What a fine score!
Approval : Bravo!  It is a good hit!
Attention                          : Hush!  Mother is asleep.
Hark! Somebody is coming.
Lo! He is there again.
Scolding                               : Fie! You are afraid of him.

The following phrases are used as Interjections:

  • Good God! What a terrible age we live in!
  • Thank God! You are safe and sound.
  • Good heavens! What a narrow escape!

Interjection is always distinguished by a mark of exclamation. Much depends upon the force or the tone with which an utterance is conveyed. A sentence uttered in excitement may be written with a note of exclamation; as,

  •   My foot!  My son! My God!

The following Parts of speech are sometimes used as Interjection:

  • Noun                                    :   A house! A horse! My dukedom for a horse!
  • Verb                                       :  Would it were eternal spring!
  • Adverb                                :  How nice of you to come!
  • Conjunction                       :   If only I were young again!
  • Infinitive                             :   To think of him as a friend!

List of interjections :

Use the following interjections in your own sentences:

Alas! Oh! Ah! Hark! Fie! Hush! Hurrah! Good God!

Indicate what strong feeling is expressed by the Interjections used in the following sentences:


  1. Alas! My only son is dead. (Sorrow)
  2. What a glorious risk!
  3. Oh, for a glass of water!
  4. Well done, my boy!
  5. Hush! The teacher is coming.
  6. Lo! There comes Mohan.
  7. Bravo! Victory is yours.
  8. You call her innocent!
  9. How I hate touching sticky things!
  10. Fie upon you for doing it!
  11. Would that I had become a king!

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