Application to the Principal for fee concession

Application to the Principal should be factual and all appeals to sentiments, flattery and high-flown language must be avoided. The applications should be polite, brief and to the point.

The following points should be kept in view while writing application:

(1) Subject should be briefly mentioned in the opening sentence along with reference, if any.
(2) Self-praise should, however, be avoided.

The Principal,
Government Girls secondary School,

Subject: Requesting school for Fee concession.

Respected Madam,

Most respectfully, I beg to submit that I am a student of …. class in your school.I come of a very poor family.My father is a clerk in a private firm.He gets only Rs. …../- per month as his salary.We are six members of the family.

Two of my brothers and sisters are also students.They are studying in the … and … class respectively.My father, therefore, finds it difficult to afford our education.

I have been a brilliant student throughout. I had been enjoying full fee concession last year also. So, I request you to grant me full fee concession this year also so that I may not be a burden to my family.

I assure you, Madam, that I shall try my best to deserve the favour I ask of you, by studious hard work.
Hoping that you would consider my application favourably and enable me to pursue my education.

Thanking You,
Your most obedient pupil,
Name …………
Roll No ……….
Date ……….. Class ………….

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