letter to your friend congratulating him on his success in the Examination.

In this type of letter you have to define sender’s name with address on the top of the letter. Express your joy on letter about his/her success on that examination.

Emma Smith,
3453 6th St.,
Melbourne, FL 32904.

My dear Olivia,

I am overjoyed to hear the happy news of your brilliant success in the Senior Secondary School Examination. How pleased I am to know that you have won a scholarship! Please accept my hearty congratulations. Your success is a matter of joy and pride for us all. Daddy and mummy send you their blessings and heartiest congratulations.

You have brought credit to your school and family. Your success is indeed very creditable, but it is not unexpected. Your teachers always spoke highly of you. You worked hard day and night. Now, your labour has borne fruit.

Do let me know all your plans. Convey our congratulations to your parents also.
With best regards and love,

Yours sincerely,

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